May 10, 2016 09 00 AM CDT
This event has now ended:

Legacy Grandparent Conference

Equipping grandparents to impact future generations to know, love, and serve Christ.

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Legacy Grandparent Conference

Who: The conference is for pastors, church leaders, grandparents and anyone who wants to learn how to encourage grandparents to pass faith on to future generations.What: Grandparents have incredible influence and a biblical mandate to disciple the next generation. Yet scores of grandparents have bought into the cultural message of non-interference, family autonomy, and the pursuit of pleasure. The result: minimal impact on the faith of adult children and grandchildren. It is time to recover a biblical understanding of the place and purpose of grandparents and engage an army of 30 million Christian grandparents who have the potential to change a generation for the glory of Christ and the good of families.Join us for a conference unlike any other, where you will:
  • Learn the biblical role of a grandparent
  • Be given ideas to strengthen your relationship with adult children and grandchildren
  • Receive resources to help you invest in the next generation
  • Learn practical ways you can equip grandparents at your church
  • Connect with other grandparents for encouragement
  • Interact with experts in family ministry
  • Gain a grand vision for how to be an intentional grandparent and impact the faith of your family for eternity
  • Learn about The Legacy Coalition and other ministries that can support you
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